19th century transportation in the 21st century: 6/28/2011

On this week’s Hear in the City, we launch a new series called Two Wheels and a Mic by checking in with artist, educator, and bicycle activist Patrick Miller about an incident in Los Angeles that made national news last week when 11 cyclists were injured by an alleged drunk driver.¬†And arts editor Jesse Lerner reviews James Benning‘s newest film titled, simply “RR” (for railroad). Benning is a long-time figure in Los Angeles experimental film, best known for meticulous timing of 10-minute-long shots –the length of an unedited 16mm film reel– and striking landscapes of California.

We’ll be back next week with a follow-up on the conversation about the rights of bicyclists in the city. For now, we leave you with some resources on cycling in Los Angeles:

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