two wheels and a mic: L.A. city council votes to protect cyclists

This week on Hear in the City we talk to LAPD Sergeant David Krumer about the a law that was approved by the Los Angeles City Council last weekmaking the physical or verbal harassment of cyclists a civil crime. Does it inhibit free speech? Wasn’t physical harassment already a crime? This past Friday, Sara jumped on her outdated bicycle, pulled on her red helmet, rolled up her right pants leg, and made her way down to First and Main to meet with the police officer in charge of community relations for the over 100,000 estimated bicyclists in Los Angeles. On the way, she got stuck behind a bus and wondered if it was legal to pass in the left lane, so she did, but got clipped by a BMW who did not appreciate sharing— something she definitely asks a Sergeant David Krumer about in this episode in our series, Two Wheels and Mic.

Also, we preview the quirky films of independent animator Jodie Mack. Her work will screen this Sunday, July 31st at Los Angeles Film Forum. Next week, our arts editor Jesse Lerner interviews Jodie about her work.

Some cycling resources…

L.A. Streetsblog on on LAPD’s cycling safety videos. on incidences and collisions.

L.A. Department of Transportation’s Bicycle law and etiquette page.

We want to hear from you, dear listeners. If you have a memorable story to share about an interaction with a drive while biking or about sharing the road with a cyclist  while driving, call us and leave a message at: 213.394.5468.

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3 Responses to two wheels and a mic: L.A. city council votes to protect cyclists

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  2. Matt Baume says:

    Great conversation — thanks for posting. (Though I’m not sure it needed the three-minute-long introduction.)

  3. Jimbo says:

    2,000 lb vehicle? I hear that from a lot of people. Surprising to hear that from an officer that has a pulse on the vehicles on the street. In reality it’s more like, compact cars range in weight from 3,000 to 4,500 pounds. Mid-size cars and sedans have a weight range of 4,500 pounds to 5,500 pounds depending on model. Light trucks, minivans and sport utility vehicles or SUVs can weigh between 5,000 pounds to 7,000 pounds. The larger pick-up trucks range from 7,500 to 12,000 pounds. Then add to that the weight of the passengers and whatever they’re carrying.

    2,000 lb vehicles? That’s nirvana!!! I would be in bicycling heaven!!! There probably would be no reason to have any laws protecting the bicyclist.

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