community gardens, cuban photography, and bicycle bells

On this week’s episode, we offer a mixed bag of art and culture happening around Los Angeles. Luis Sierra Campos visits a community garden in Highland Park that serves as a model for urban sustainability and food security in a depressed real estate market, Jesse Lerner reviews the Cuban photography show at the Getty, and as part of our ongoing series, Two Wheels and a Mic, we sit in on a rehearsal and planning session for the upcoming performance of the Bicycle Bell Ensemble who will use their bicycles as improvisational instrument sin the upcoming Tour da Arts festival with director, Patrick Miller.

The Los Angeles Community Garden Council is part of a national movement to turn abandoned urban lots into public garden space. The garden council recognizes that by managing land that would otherwise be an expense and a liability, they are helping out the city and saving some money. Hear in the City Senior Producer, Luis Sierra Campos, takes us on a tour with Community Garden Council organizer Edgar Flores of the Milagro Allegro garden –one of 70 community gardens that serve close to 4000 families in Los Angeles. Here’s a slide show of photos Luis brought back: [vimeo][/vimeo]


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