Air Check: voices from the Inglewood Oilfield

Hear in the City will spend then next few shows in the Baldwin Hills at the Inglewood Oilfield. This place is perched on the summit overlooking the past and the future. On one side, the oil discoveries that drew wealth and intrigue and prospectors to L.A. at the turn of the last century and on the other side, the future of Los Angeles parkland at a moment when public access to the great outdoors may well trump the desire for traditional industrial jobs and big real estate developments. To a degree, both spaces on this summit are imaginary. To a degree, both spaces are very real.  Brought to you by and
Listen to voices from the oilfield:
and don’t change that dial! Our arts editor Jesse Lerner takes us on a tour with Kelly Jones, the curator of Now Dig This: Art and Black Los Angeles, 1960-1980.
Find out more about the communities and players involved in the future of the Inglewood Oilfield:
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