Air Check: the problem beneath the park

On our last episode, we heard from residents about the history of oil fields and parkland in the Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills, and Culver City Crest in South Los Angeles. On this week’s show, we hear about two competing visions for living alongside oil extraction in the Baldwin Hills, and we help L.A. local-global nomadic micro cinema, The Echo Park Film Center, celebrate it’s 10th anniversary.

Some 1,600 rigs perch above the baseball and soccer fields of Kenneth Hahn State recreation area in South Los Angeles. They have been here since 1924. They were not contested until five years ago when Plains Exploration and Production Company was granted access by the county to drill one thousand news oil wells here after a period of very slow output.
Next week, we’ll look wrap up our series with a look at the toxic impacts and public policy implications of a legal settlement negotiated between the Citizen’s Coalition, the oil company, and the county of Los Angeles.

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  1. Brittany Benton says:

    I will definitely be checking back for the weekly updates on this story. Great work, Sara!

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