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This episode is about co-existence. Coyotes live all over the continent of North America, in all sorts of landscapes. But nowhere –across the 50 states– are coyotes as comfortable in an urban setting as they are in Los Angeles. By some counts, 5000 coyotes in live in Southern California. Hear in the City host Sara Harris feels lucky each time she sees a coyote, but arguably most people would feel disconcerted. So, we decided to dedicate a whole episode to the coyote.


Ten years ago, the City of Los Angeles became so overwhelmed with calls about sightings of coyotes in residential neighborhoods that it created a new position: Wildlife Specialist. On this episode Sara interviews Officer Gregory Randall about what we can do to prevent coyotes from coming into backyards and about why it’s people who might pose a bigger problem than it is the animals themselves. In the first half of the show, we visit the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to talk to one of the authors of Urban Carnivores, and an expert in fragmentation of wildlife ecologies in the urban space, Seth Riley.

Click here for a link to advice on what to do if you are experiencing worrisome wildlife in your immediate area and wonder what you should do. And remember: we are encroaching into the wild landscape with our living spaces, but we do wild animals a favor by dissuading them from entering residential spaces. Don’t leave food where wild animals can reach it, be brash in your interactions with wild carnivores: it’s better they fear you than you fear them, but trapping and shooting is illegal for the average resident.


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  1. David Ballard says:

    I would like to listen to the Coyote show, but can’t figure out how — could you please provide me w/ a link that I can click on that will actually let me listen to show?


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