wildlife encounters

The direct encounter with a wild predator in the urban context is exhilerating, unsettling, and urgent. Something has to happen. On this episode of Hear in the City, Sara confronts a coyote on the street in broad daylight, sending it back up into the hills. Glen Berian followers, take heed. This is not about media spectacle and novel attraction. This about responsible coexistence with animals that deserve respect and awe. We contemplate evolution and inter-species breeding with a visit to a real coydog in a yard on Figueroa Street.

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  1. Debra Lamana says:

    Thanks for the interview with Michael Pollan on KPFK yesterday about his new book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. I had not read his previous books but will do so now. Especially interesting are the recent studies about how microbes in our gut effect overall health and resistance to illness. And, reasons to get past the drudge image of being in the kitchen – home cooking is truly a better path to health. I liked that Pollan blow the lid on ‘corporate cooking’ — a term to use often to remind ourselves what we are really eating when eating out = not a pleasant thought.
    Kudos to you for presenting his ideas!

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