12/06/2010: building and construction

The housing and building bubble has burst, Hear in the City visits two organizations that are working to make the construction workforce more diverse, more dynamic, and more equitable.

According to U.S bureau of labor statistics, the number of people employed in construction has dropped from 11 million in 2007 to 9 million today. Of those 9 million construction workers, nearly 2 million are self-employed, meaning they are not insured by an employer, they usually have to provide their own equipment, and they do not have a steady, guaranteed source of income. Host Sara Harris interviews Kevin Riley from the UCLA Labor and Occupational Safety and Hazards program.

Each year, 34 million tax dollars go toward eradicating graffitti. Hear in the City Producer, Luis Sierra Campos, talks to artists and organizers of a new show opening at the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice this weekend takes a look at the criminalization of grafitti and the spaces allowed for it to be considered public art.

Hear in the City arts, music, and film commentator Jesse Lerner takes us to Venice to visit Gerry Fialka, founder of Pixel This! an independent film festival in Venice, California that is celebrating its 20th anniversary of featuring work made on a quirky little camera from the 1980’s. The festival starts Monday, December 13th at Unurban Cafe. For more on Pixel This! visit www.laughtears.com.

Construction work is one of those professions that is the distinct domain of men in most places in the world. Hear in the City producer Luis Sierra Campos visited a workshop where 19 women of from the ages of 18 to 40 years are learning engineering and construction jobs at WINTER, an independent nonprofit organization for Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles.

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