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Hear in the City: Radio Realities from the Urban Landscape
A Tuesday magazine on KPFK, 90.7FM, broadcast at 2:30pm, in Los Angeles, hosted by Sara Harris.

Our show: focuses on local environment, arts, education, and culture in and around Los Angeles. Our goal is to map the city through sound-rich profiles of people living and working toward creative social change and solutions.

We envision our show as radio for and by community stakeholders. One main tactic in that strategy is that we, as journalists and producers, work with community stakeholders who have important stories to tell. We assign a producer to help tell that story in a way that makes for compelling radio. As opposed to speaking with “sources” or “subjects” on themes of interest and news-worthiness, we work with people who have an interest in getting the word out and are clear about what their interest and POV is.

We are producers of conversations that bring listeners to an issue of common interest through audio gathering techniques that highlight places and peoples. We encourage the people who we collaborate with to spread the word about the project and help us to create an audience of interested and invested community participants. Stay tuned as we unfold this plan.

Our team: Sara Harris (host/senior producer), Luis Sierra Campos (senior producer/broadcast direction), Jesse Lerner (film and arts editor), King Anyi Howell (producer/reporter), Thandisizwe Chimurenga (senior reporter), Mayra Jiménez (reporter), Esperanza Barajas (reporter), Rachel Salmon (web producer), Sabiha Khan (advisor/contributing editor), Clare Fox (contributor/advisor), Daniela Gerson (editorial advisor), Marc Herbst (creative support), and Albert Chacón (audio production and sound meister).


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  1. Andy Griggs says:

    How do we contact you about possible items of interest for your show. See the website for an event coming up on July 20 – also on KPFK calendar

  2. Marcella Macias says:


    My name is Marcella Macias and I am writing to you regarding a wonderful community organization/ resource, Angel’s Flight At-Risk Youth Services. I have been employed here for the past decade and am currently one of their Community Outreach workers.

    We are a 16 bed facility for youth between the ages of 10-17 that are in need of a safe space. We serve youth that are at risk of running away as well as youth that are chronic runaways. We provide therapy, family counseling, individual counseling, case management, as well as music therapy and absolutely everything is free of charge.

    This is an amazing resource for youth throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area; we also serve youth in the valley as well as youth from Santa Monica. More people need to know about our organization, whether it’s the youth themselves or social workers, probation officers, teachers etc.

    We are humbly asking for your help with this especially because we know the great work that KPFK consistently has done and continues to do, the caring individuals that donate their time so that the masses can have healthy quality radio programming. We are not asking for any monetary donations, rather we are hoping that you might be able to give our shelter a couple of plugs during your radio program so that people might become better aware of us and what we do, what we can provide for youth and families in need.

    Attached is our brochure in both Spanish and English that explains more about our organization. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and we hope to hear from you soon!


    Marcella Macias
    Community Outreach Worker
    (213) 413-2311 ext.14

    • hitc says:

      Marcella, thanks so much for writing and for your interest in the show.
      I would be thrilled to come and profile your organization for Hear in the City.
      My personal e-mail is: audiopostales@gmail.com
      My phone is: 323-547-2714.

      Maybe we can plan on a conversation about how we might profile Angel’s Flight Youth Services and who I could interview.
      Can you talk next week? If you give me some dates and time (any day after Monday), maybe I can come and visit.



  3. Ginnie Gregg says:

    If you love dogs, why are you promoting dogs men bred to kill one another & are helping to keep them on the streets? Wolves know better than to fight but Bully Dogs were bred by men & you know what hotshot men are doing to the planet! Ginnie Gregg, a devoted KPFK lover.

    • hitc says:

      Hello Ginnie, and thanks for your comment about the show. The key to dealing responsibly with any breed is training. The point behind this episode is that Pit Bulls are in over abundance in the shelters in Los Angeles, and that is a public health issue. The two non-profits featured have learned how to responsibly teach people how to curb the more aggressive aspect of the few dogs who display fighting tendencies. Nature versus nurture! Thanks for listening.

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