01/10/2011: PTSD and “Macho Like Me”

On this week’s show we visit with a psychologist who is committed to providing access to services for traumatized soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and we preview a new one-woman about switching gender in search of a greater understanding of the life of men.

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As the U.S. approaches a decade of warfare and occupation in Afghanistan, more and more service men and women are coming back from deployment with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hear In The City Producer Luis Sierra Campos spoke to a doctor whose has made it her work to offer better mental health outreach and services to socially marginalized soldiers returning from combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Los Angeles author Helie Lee is 1.5 generation Korean American. Several years ago, Helie spent two harrowing years in China and in Seoul planning to help her family defect from North Korea. Helie’s latest undertaking is a one-woman performance that mixes documentary and fiction video about her journey to present herself as a man. Sara interviews Helie about Macho Like Me, which opens this week at the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood.

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