1/24/2011: alliance building and San Francisco cinema space

The Program for Environmental and Regional Equity researches and facilitates discussions on environmental justice and social movement building. The program, based at the University of Southern California, is trying to forge a new model of how university and community can work together for the common good. I’m hear at the offices of the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity with one of the lead researchers, Jennifer Ito, to talk about a new study the program has released called: Alliance building and social change in tough times: Connecting at the Crossroads. We visit with researcher, Jennifer Ito at their offices just off of Hoover and Jefferson.

For this next segment, we’re going to the cinema space of San Francisco, which has long been a hotbed of alternative arts production as well as radical politics. A collaborative team of three media curators–Steve Seid, Kathy Geeritz, and Steve Anker–recently completed an ambitious historical survey of experimental film and video from the Bay Area. Their research project, called “Radical Light” has led to both a publication with the University of California Press, and a to a touring film program. Our arts editor Jesse Lerner caught up with two of the curators when they were in Los Angeles this past week…

You can hear an archive of the whole show at KPFK.org.

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