1/31/2011: the national homeless count from Covina, CA

On this week’s show, we ride along with volunteers on part of the National Homeless Count from the City of Covina in the San Gabriel Valley. We also find out why  the community redevelopment agency in Covina is working to secure permanent shelter for homeless families. And, we check in with Super Pasajera and the Bus Riders Union about city council plans to stop the federally funded extension of bus only lanes into the swanky Brentwood neighborhood.

The national homeless count

The Homeless count in Los Angeles County is done every two years and is headed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the lead agency in the county’s Continuum of Care. Two years ago when the count estimated that 42,694 people were homeless in Los Angeles County. The numbers from last week’s count are not in yet, but Hear in the City’s Luis Sierra Campos takes us on a journey with volunteers in the City Covina whose assignment it is to take a census of how many people are living with out permanent shelter.

Community redevelopment and homeless services in Covina

46,800 people live in this small city in the San Gabriel Valley, two dozen of them without permanent housing. That may not seem like a lot, especially by Los Angeles County standards, but what may make Covina unique is that the Community Redevelopment Agency of this former orange orchard town is investing tax dollars in preventing homelessness for those two dozen people, especially families. The city has made permanent housing for families a priority. Whether or not this is a factor in that social mandate, by my count, there are at least a dozen churches in Covina.

Bus riders vs. condo canyon

Sunyoung Yang joins us to talk about recent opposition by West side residents to an ambitious Bus Only Lane that will change the commute on Wilshire and encourage more people to get out of their cars and onto the MTA. Sunyoung, in classic Bus Riders Union style, Super Pasajera and other super heroes were in costume this past Friday downtown at the County Supervisors building.

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  1. greg parker says:

    I was born & raised in Covina, w. Covina having left so. cal in 1990. thinking of returning to the area but as my monthly income is just below $1,000, is there subsidized or affordable housing you can refer me to? thanks for any response.

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