10/25/2010: why we do the work we do

This week, we ask a basic, but fundamental question to people working creatively around Los Angeles. Why do you do what you do?

We visit a taco truck and a Spanish-language newsstand with students from The HeArt Project, we profile master stylist Juvencio Jimenez whose story comes to us from Aleim Magazine, and we paint at the beach with a lawyer whose works comes to us from the L.A. Artist project.

You can hear an archive of the show at www.kpfk.org.

What we’ve been up to: As we move into our second phase of Hear in the City, we envision our show as radio for and by community stakeholders. One main tactic in that strategy is that we, as journalists and producers, work with community stakeholders who have important stories to tell. We assign a producer to help tell that story in a way that makes for compelling radio. As opposed to speaking with “sources” or “subjects” on themes of interest and news-worthiness, we work with people who have an interest in getting the word out and are clear about what their interest and POV is. Stay tuned as we unfold this plan.

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