03/29/2011: Education in Crisis

National Conference on Bilingual Education 2011

For the next three weeks, Hear in the City will spend time with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to talk about how we are all dealing with a serious problem in public education in Los Angeles.  Today we head to the Long Beach Convention Center where thousands of teachers and parents are gathered at a national meeting of bilingual educators, and talk with Marcelino Serna about his work with bilingual students and families in the LAUSD.


LAUSD School Number 13

Hear in the  City visits the construction site of LAUSD School Number 13, to learn more about the New School Construction Program, was approved by voters in 2007.  We talk with a young engineer at the site about the new school’s sustainable construction methods and cutting edge design, and why the school district may not be able to pay enough teachers for all those classrooms.

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