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the time show: 6/14/2011

On this week’s show, we enter the space of a meticulous 24-hour-long video documentation of one entire day in Christian Marclay’s new work, The Clock, we consider the expanded day of June 16th, 1904, as Bloomsday and James Joyce’s Ulysses … Continue reading

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04/05/11: Ciclavia & Education in Crisis Series

Ciclavia 2011

Luis Sierra Campos meets up with the community outreach coordinator for Ciclavia, happening this Sunday, when the city will make seven miles of roads automobile-free for an afternoon, open only to cyclists, pedestrians, and other people moving on their own … Continue reading

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2/07/2011: it’s the year of the Rabbit

the Wilshire Blvd. bus lane vote

On Wednesday, the L.A. City Council heard a proposal that would reduce by half the length of a 9-mile bus only lane funded principally by the federal government and in part by the city. Engineers, advocates, environmental groups, and bus … Continue reading

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1/31/2011: the national homeless count from Covina, CA

The national homeless count

The Homeless count in Los Angeles County is done every two years and is headed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the lead agency in the county’s Continuum of Care. Two years ago when the count estimated that … Continue reading

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12/06/2010: building and construction

Construction jobs for women

Construction work is one of those professions that is the distinct domain of men in most places in the world. Hear in the City producer Luis Sierra Campos visited a workshop where 19 women of from the ages of 18 … Continue reading

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12/06/2010: building and construction

Murals and graffiti-what is public art?

Each year, 34 million tax dollars go toward eradicating graffitti. Hear in the City Producer, Luis Sierra Campos, talks to artists and organizers of a new show opening at the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice this weekend … Continue reading

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11/29/2010: projects that fill a void

HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles

We observe World AIDS Day 2010 by looking at the cooperation between faith-based groups and various organizations in the Latino community, which is the population with the most new HIV and AIDS cases in Los Angeles County. You can find … Continue reading

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