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the bully show

At the beginning of the year, Hear in the City was selected by the national youth radio network –Generation PRX– to participate in a one-hour radio special about bullying. This episode of Hear in the City features two wonderfully talented students at Roosevelt High School, Oscar Rodriguez and René Ayala, reporting about how bullying is not as easily defined as you might think. Also features music by EMA and They Live, Midnight Ridazz, #99!

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the bell tolls

“Our vibrations reach Japan today.” Spoken by Mineo Hoshi of the South Coast Interfaith Council in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo on the moment of ringing the bell at Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, 2:46PM, PDT, in honor of what was lost in the Tsunami one year ago.

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library love

Anne Marie Ruff who recently published her first novel, Through These Veins, explores the question “if we had a cure for AIDS, would it ever make it to market?:” She spent a lot of time at the Los Angeles Central Library while writing and offers us this audio post-card to the Central Library. All profits from the sale of her book benefit Doctors Without Borders and the Ethiopian Institute for the Conservation of Biodiversity. Her commentary was originally published in the Downtown News. Anne Marie will be at Stories bookstore reading from her novel on Thursday, April 5th. Visit our website, for details.

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one more coyote show

On this episode, we meet a coyo-dog, Sara chases a coyote up into the hills in the broad daylight, and we revisit the animal’s predicament in the urban space.

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the coyote show

Navajo legend holds that coyote placed the stars in the sky before humans walked the earth. Coyote was clever and vain and placed his own image before any of the other animals. Great Spirit condemned coyote to howl at the stars every night to punish him for his laziness and his dishonesty. On this episode of Hear in the City, we explore the relationship coyotes have with humans in urban spaces in today’s Southern California.

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covina tour

46,800 people live in this small city in the San Gabriel Valley, two dozen of them without permanent housing. That may not seem like a lot, especially by Los Angeles County standards, but what may make Covina unique is that the Community Redevelopment Agency of this former orange orchard town is investing tax dollars in preventing homelessness for those two dozen people, especially families. The city has made permanent housing for families a priority. Whether or not this is a factor in that social mandate, by my count, there are at least a dozen churches in Covina.

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homeless count 2011

The Homeless count in Los Angeles County is done every two years and is headed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the lead agency in the county’s Continuum of Care. Two years ago when the count estimated that 42,694 people were homeless in Los Angeles County. The numbers from last week’s count are not in yet, but Hear in the City’s Luis Sierra Campos takes us on a journey with volunteers in the City Covina whose assignment it is to take a census of how many people are living with out permanent shelter.

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hollywood media pt2

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art in the street review

Hear in the City’s arts editor, Jesse Lerner, breaks down some of the contradictions of MOCA’s ultra-popular Art in the Streets exhibition at the Geffen Temporary Contemporary in downtown Los Angeles.

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if costco were a person

From our recent grocery shopping show on Hear in the City, we bring you contributor Will Coley’s audio essay on why he likes Costco so much, “warts and all”. The warehouse store chain has proven to weather the recession well, perhaps by not accepting credit cards other than American Express, but Will asked recently, “Can I take back my Costco love?” when he read about the company’s agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to screen employees with the E-verify system for legal immigration status. The voluntary social security data scanning system has drawn criticism for its intrusion of privacy and because one in 25 entries are flawed or misspelled, resulting in termination of employment or declining to hire qualified job applicants.

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