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hitc 8 02 11

On past episodes of Hear in the City, we’ve covered the rich history of muralism in Los Angeles from the censorship angle to recent museum shows on the topic. This week, senior producer Luis Sierra Campos takes us on a walk along the cement channels that serve as the canvas for Los Angeles’s Great Mural on the Tujunga Wash of the L.A. River. The mural, painted in 1976 by more than 400 high school students and artists, is being restored this year under the guidance of SPARC (social and public art resource center) founder and well-known muralist Judy Baca…plus, we hear from listeners about bad interactions with drivers on the road.

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hitc 7 26 11

On this episode of Hear in the City, we get down to the nitty gritty of a brand new city ordinance protecting bicyclists from harassment by drivers in Los Angeles with Sergeant David Krumer, the bicycle liason at the LAPD, and we preview the quirky animations of independent filmmaker Jodie Mack before the screening at L.A. Film Forum this Sunday.

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