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homeless count 2011

The Homeless count in Los Angeles County is done every two years and is headed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the lead agency in the county’s Continuum of Care. Two years ago when the count estimated that 42,694 people were homeless in Los Angeles County. The numbers from last week’s count are not in yet, but Hear in the City’s Luis Sierra Campos takes us on a journey with volunteers in the City Covina whose assignment it is to take a census of how many people are living with out permanent shelter.

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hitc 8 09 11

On this week’s episode, we offer a mixed bag of art and culture happening around Los Angeles. Luis Sierra Campos visits a community garden in Highland Park that serves as a model for urban sustainability and food security in a depressed real estate market, Jesse Lerner reviews the Cuban photography show at the Getty, and Patrick Miller invites us to preview a group of musicians who will use their bicycles as improvisational instrument sin the upcoming Tour da Arts festival.

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hitc 8 02 11

On past episodes of Hear in the City, we’ve covered the rich history of muralism in Los Angeles from the censorship angle to recent museum shows on the topic. This week, senior producer Luis Sierra Campos takes us on a walk along the cement channels that serve as the canvas for Los Angeles’s Great Mural on the Tujunga Wash of the L.A. River. The mural, painted in 1976 by more than 400 high school students and artists, is being restored this year under the guidance of SPARC (social and public art resource center) founder and well-known muralist Judy Baca…plus, we hear from listeners about bad interactions with drivers on the road.

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hitc 6 21 11

It’s the first day of summer, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. We take the opportunity to look at how budget cuts in California are affecting summer course offerings at community colleges while philanthropy allows a new art museum to flourish in East Los Angeles. We visit a nearly one-hundred-year-old music school in Boyle Heights, and we sit down for a special reading of the “Infection Monologues” in honor of the 30th anniversary of the first AIDS diagnosis, here in Los Angeles.

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On this week’s Hear in the City, we experience the Native American tradition of council in a non-traditional setting: a high school classroom just east of the Greyhound station in L.A.’s oldest schoolhouse, Metropolitan High where student build a theater piece inspired by on Dave Eggers non-fiction relating of Hurrica Katrina Zeitoun. And arts editor Jesse Lerner critiques the new Art in the Streets show at the Geffen Temporary Contemporary art museum in Little Tokyo.

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