Two wheels and a mic: rights and cyclists in the city

On this episode of Hear in the City we resume our conversation with Patrick Miller who is an arts educator, DJ, and avid cyclist. He is also involved in several cycling initiatives both official and more informal across the city of Los Angeles. Last week, we focused on an incident where a motorist who is alleged to have possibly been intoxicated ran into a group of cyclists neat Culver City seriously injuring 11 of them. This week, Patrick Miller and a group of affiliated cyclists have presented a statement to City Hall asking for fair and equal treatment of the bicyclists injured in that collision, and more broadly for better protections and respect for bicyclists in the public streets of L.A. We ride along on L.A. Critical Mass‘s latest outing.

Incidents aside, Mr. Miller and many thousands if not millions of fellow cyclists in Los Angeles focus not on the dangers, but rather on the joys of riding two wheels on their own power in a city designed by humans for cars, but perhaps designed by nature for other purposes. Stay tuned for more audio forays into cycling in a city designed for cars.
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